Delphi Apollonian Marathon

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Delphi Apollonian Marathon

Cultural Philosophical not Competitive

The Pythian Games were one of the four Panhellenic Games of Ancient Greece. They were held in honor of Apollo  at his sanctuary at Delphi.. The Pythian Games were Culture and athletic games, the winners received a wreath of bay laurel, sacred to Apollo.

Kotinos Race on Sunday October 6th 2019
Program starts October 4th  arrivals by 3rd of October
Olive crown                                                        


 Dafniforios Race  the “Return of Apollo” March  30th  2020
Program  starts March 28th  arrivals by 27th and departure March  3st
Apollo laurel crown

In Delphi,Navel of the Earth, where according to Homer all the Glorious Generations of People meet.

Why delphi ?
Here You will inspire discovering  Your selve through the  Delphic Maxims  and  Pythagorean Numerology.

Leave Your  dream on Mt  Parnassus  with Nine Muses   , the ancient healing music by  (Απολλώνιος)  and the Worlds premium positive energy  and join the path of happiness.

Program include 4 nights single room accommodation at 4* Hotel, Thursday welcome reception dinner, Friday Guiding Tour to Sanctuary of Apollo, Archeological Museum, Temple of Athena, Museum of Delphic Games and European Cultural Center.

Saturday Relax Coaching with ancient healing music, Know thyself with Delphic Maxims and Pythagorean numerology lunch and dinner.

Sunday 9:30 Departure to the Thron of Apollo, 11:00 ceremony, 12:00 starts the race with foul support during the race. Arrival ceremony at Castalia spring with healing music, relax at the hotel.

20:30 Awards ceremony at Apollo Gallery, receiving medals and Certificates.

21:00 Hellenic night dinner with music and dances.

Monday foul of energy, depart for Athens airport, our your choice destination.

Please contact:

Ecumenical Delphic Union Nonprofit Organization .Α.Σ  Α.Μ.138/15/10.01 Hellenic Aid

3  Apollo str   33054 Delphi Greece  tel. 0030 6945290879

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