Ecumenical Delphic Union

Reviving the Delphic Games

Πυθία - Pythia

Arts and athletic Games of our Era

Ecumenical Delphic Committee

The Delphic Gift
of Culture and Peace

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Eleni Sikelianos

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Mikis Theodorakis


Delphi World Citizens for Culture & Humanity

Reviving the Delphic Ideal

US John J. Oliver team with the President of E D U Mr Panos Kaltsis
Pilgrimage at Delos the birthplace of Apollo

Soley Howell and Kirk T. Schroder at Throne of Apollo
on Mt Parnassus ready to start the Apollonian Marathon

Happy with the wishes hanging on the Parnassus of the Muses

After 42,2 km race happy they are crowned with Apollo laurel in Castalia spring

Γνώθι Σ'εαυτόν

"Ει θεοί διαλέγονται, την των Ελλήνων γλώττη χρώνται". Κικέρων,