Arts and Science Birthplace

«Ει θεοί διαλέγονται τη των Ελλήνων γλώττη χρώνται».

Marcus Tullius Cicero

2 Weeks Master Class at the Navel of the Earth

1st Week Classic Civilization:


Delphic Maxims


Delphi 1927

Athenian Democracy


2nd Week choice of Theater

Pythagorean Numerology

Painting & architecture

  • All transfers from the airport to airport, 14 Days,
    4* Hotels with H.B breakfast and dinner
  • 10 Lessons classroom and Free WiFi
  • Guiding tour to Sanctuary of Apollo,
    Museum, Temple of Athens
  • Guiding to European Cultural Center, Museum of Delphic Games & Apollo Gallery
  • 4 Culture programs, Sport , Culture and leisure activities
  • Welcome reception dinner and Hellenic Night with live music and dances.

Delphi Studies Center

1) Escorting transfers from and to Athens airport

2) Accommodations 4* H.B with buffet breakfast and dinner

3) Welcome reception dinner

4) * Accommodation in double and triple rooms


5) Terpsichore A! Classroom

Terpsichore B! Classroom

Kaliope A ! Classroom

Kaliope B ! Classroom

6) Erato A! Study room

6) Erato B! Study room

7) Open Amphithater

8) Events on Amphithater

B) Culture & Educational programs

9) Guiding tour to Archaeological Museum Sanctuary of Apollo and Athena Temple

10) Guiding tour to the Museum of Delphic Games

11) Visiting the European Culture Center

12) Guiding at Apollonian Botanic Garden

13) Ceramic workshop at the Gallery “The Return of Apollo”

14) Philosophical Promenade

15) Music and spiritual dance at Corycian Cave

16) Ancient Therapeutically music

17) Dance & music lessons

Guiding tours to Theater & Sunctuary of Apollo and Temple of Athena Pronaia

The museum of Delphi with famous Charioteer

Sfiga from Naxos

Music and Performances at Frynichos Theater

Byzantine Monastery Osios Lucas with famous mosaics

Lessons of traditional and popular dances

18) Theater and music Events at Corynian Cave STEVE HACKETT

C) Sports & Leisure activities

19) Swimming pool available

20) Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball Courts

21) Football Court

22) On the Footsteps of the Gods, Philosophical promenade

23) And Leisure at Itea beach This is Delphi

D) Optional

a) Daily beach bus for swimming to Itea coast

b) Half Day tour to Byzantine Monastery Osios Lucas & Galaxidi

c) One day guiding tour to Olympia.

d) One day guiding tour to Athens Acropolis

e) One day guiding tour to Meteora