Ecumenical Deplhic Commitee

Delphi Pythia Games

Humanism - Pacifism - Civilism


Seed of Rebirth to bring Humanity out of the foggy age and back into the upper Light Age is our vision.

The Oracle does not say, does not hide, means.

With so much symbolism !!!

The harmonious coexistence of Apollo and Dionysus 3 to 1 attest to the Human harmony, Gods and Earthlings.

The Navel of the Earth, the universal centre of Sacred Geography.

Peace and Friendship of Peoples is offered by the Delphic Amphictonia.

The Delphic Orders with Self-Awareness and Measure lead Man on the path of Happiness.

The Honeychus controlling the four-armed chariot symbolizes that the Healthy Man controls the four elements of nature and he himself shines as the fifth element.

Apollo Spendon 2,500 years ago prays for the protection of our environment-Home, which we are destroying with fury.

The colossal Sun that has risen, illuminated, broken through and the World has flourished, prospered, but has been "deprived" of the Measure and life on our privileged planet is in danger, is recharged by the Pythia of the New Age with the Education of Reason and the greatness of Art.

This primordial creation is activated by the Ecumenical Delphic Union in the Sanctuary of Delphi through Amphictyonic practice, synthesizing the core of the Spiritual sun that will become the shining aurora of Humanity.

The Convergence in the Navel of the Earth of the Torches of the 5 Continents that as new Promised Ones offer to Humanity with the Festivals and the Games the Education of the Culture of Peace and the Environment.

The path is hard, but participation makes the Soul Eternally Teenager.

The History of Culture invites you to become a fellow traveller in the Dream.

Write Your name on the Immortal Golden Arch of Delphi.