΄΄Delphi, where all the glorious Generations of Humans will meet forever΄΄ Homer

Dear Citizens of Culture, at the pandemic of 776 BC, Delphi sent an Oracle to the King of Ilida Ίfitos to reorganize the Olympic Games so that Humanity would have ideals and not disputes.In the multi trap of our time, pandemic, climate change, war equipment, the Oracle is, Revive the Delphic Pythians Games, in the triptych Culture, Peace, Environment so  Humanity can rrediscover the Know Tyself and Εverything in moderation, that leads to the path of happiness and saves life on our privileged planet. Homer points out the method, welcoming to Delphi the glorious Human Genes, the World Delphi Citizens,  independent Nation, Race, Language, and Religion,  here where the harmonious union of Apollo and Dionysus accelerates the course of Man from darkness to the upper Light.                                         To receive the Delphic Energy you have to live even for a week in Delphi, so  for the  youths, we offer the two weeks  Master Class ΄΄Knowledge for Leadership with Humanism΄΄ For the eternally Youths, Artists, Intellectuals, Businessmen’s, Opinion Makers,  media, etc, Delphi created the innovative attractive offer  Delphi, well-being with high profitability,Not being open to everyone, please let us know your interest so do You will receive your Delphic password code.  

Sincerely Yours                                                                                                                                                        Panos Kaltsis

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