World Art Park “9 Muses”


…And the culture of our Era.

The above higher treasure you admire for thousands of years deifies the culture of the classical era, how was it created?

There were three factors that fertilized the masterpieces of world culture, the artist, the sponsor and the awe of both for the place of assignment, Delphi.

World Sculpture Park ΄”The 9 Muses” Envision and Win Ecumenical Delphic Union, with the initiative of the World Delphi Art Park , is fertilising the culture of the modern era with significant benefits for the participants



– You become owner with of a cultural plot area of your choice from 20-500m2 with your name on marble plaque, cleanliness and garden care.

Place a sculpture that you bring, or the sculptor creates it here.

– Visits, classes, concerts and sculpture auctions take place in the park.

You are glorified for thousands of years.

Make big profits by selling and replacing your sculpture.

Glorify yours, for details please fill out the form.